Mark your calendars, yo

Hey, everyone.

LP test pressings are being reviewed this weekend (180 gram vinyl, pressed in CLEVELAND, bitches). And we already have CDs. It’s finally really happening. Our second album of 10 righteous melodies will be in your dirty hands this November.

Release shows are scheduled in Newport, KY (Cincy), Indianapolis and Columbus. More news to come!

Big show at the Big Room Bar on Saturday

$5 / $7 for under 21

Big Room Bar – 1036 S Front St Columbus OH 43206 United States

8:30 PM – Yellow Paper Planes
9:30 PM – R Ring (Kelley Deal & Mike Montgomery)
10:30 PM – Bicentennial Bear

Saturday is big for a myriad of reasons.

It’s our last, official, Columbus show until our LP release show on November 20.

It’s the first time we’ve ever shared a bill with Kelley Deal. KELLEY FUCKING DEAL. One half of R Ring and some other bands that prolly soundtracked a few make-out sessions for you at a lights out party in Meredith’s basement in 1994.

It’s the first time in a long time that we’ve played a show with Mike Montgomery, certified rock and roll Mensa Sith lord. And the other half of R Ring.

Yellow Paper Planes are evolving into a gem of a rock band and they are kicking things off early.

All ages. Early show. You can be in bed by midnight.

But beyond all that – and proof that I was a turrible Journalism student, since I’ve buried the lede – is what really makes this night important. Our good pals, Justin Hemminger and Kyle Sowash, have teamed up with one of the last, real, independent radio stations in America and unleashed a badass little rock club and restaurant on us. Justin and Kyle have been scheming this shit for years. And if Friday night was any hint of what’s to come, well, come often. What? The club is attached to the CD102.5 studios. It’s their Big Room, and now it’s open to the public. It’s like a Slovenian social hall or Grampa’s VFW hang, but with a much better menu and premium beers. It’s your kinda joint. So anyhow, I’m real proud of my dudes, Kyle and Justin, and Randy Malloy at CD101 for that matter. And I’m fucking honored to be a part of the inaugural weekend. So come out on Saturdee. The show starts early. And the wieners and beers will be tasty.

Update on that record – and a new EP!

Well holy shit. We finally have some news worth reporting. Bicentennial Bear will have not one, but two releases in 2015.

At our shows this May, we will be giving away the Charleston Jail +3 EP. It will include the track The Ghost from the Charleston Jail plus three other songs from our Relay Recording sessions that won’t be featured on the full length: Proper Nouns, Asshole & High Horse. The EP will be free and a super limited run. So please make it out to a show to grab one, yo. We’ll also make sure the EP is up on all of your favorite streaming sites plus iTunes & Amazon. We’ll keep you updated on availability.

How about that LP? Well, mixing is complete. The track order is confirmed. Mastering and artwork are being contemplated. We’ll probably do colored vinyl and my vote is for orange. We should be shipping it off to press shortly and will be releasing it in October!

Oh yeah, it’s called Doubt & Distortion. And it’s quite the production. I think (hope) the hooks are there, everyone’s playing is fantastic and it sounds huge.

Finally, Sean and Jason are working on a new site. It should be live earlier this summer. Now that we’re done with the album, we’ll be playing a bunch more and hopefully keeping this space updated. Word!

Oh, yeah. We have a website.

How about a show? Yesh. That sounds golden.

Please come out to the Tree Bar on Friday, April 11. It’s a fantastic line-up:

Music starts at 9:30 sharp!

11 + 2 = 12 + 1
* Keith Novicki + Joel Walter = the good noises

Those Mockingbirds
* New Jersey upstarts with a ton of great press and the songs to back it up

Alone At 3AM
* super catchy, smart alt-country from Cincy on Tiberius/Sofaburn

Bicentennial Bear 
* fuzzy and angular pop from Miranda Sound, Denovo & Last Hotel alums

In summary, Bi Bear will play around Midnight. Come early, stay late, grab a shirt.


Comfest and Corncobs

Man, getting the call from the Comfest committee still feels good, no matter how old ones balls are. And, so, here we are, prepping to tear it up on the Off Ramp stage on Sunday at 2:50 sharp.

Everybody with half a brain knows that Sunday is funday at Comfest.  The corncob quotient is low, as most of the morons who can’t hold their hoppy CBC drafts are exhausted and hungover to hell by that point in the weekend.  Thus, a handsome collection of good natured folks usually gather around the tent by mid-afternoon on Sunday.  And there we shall be, loud and happy as hell, dropping the hammer.  2:50.  Don’t be late.

Happy Comfest!

Afghan Whigs finally heed our advice

The world is a better place when Greg, John and Rick are making the sweet sounds together.

All I want for Christmas is an Afghan Whigs reunion
All I want for Christmas is a little bit of 'Mylez is Ded'
Bring out the good Colombian sneak
and put it under my Christmas tree
All I want for Christmas is an Afghan Whigs reunion

I love the Twilight Singers and the project with Lanegan
but nothing gives me rock and roll boners like Black Love and Gentlemen
All these young bands are soft
I'm so tired of this bearded folk rock
All I want for Christmas is an Afghan Whigs reunion

John: "Hello?"
Greg: "Curly, it's Greg. Montie Temple called.
Some ding dongs in Columbus are offering us
a bag of sneaky if we play their hot tub party."
John: "What?"
Greg: "Hot Tub Party."
John: " Sweet. I'm In."

All I want for Christmas, is Greg to call Rick and John
I don't care who plays drums, hell, you can borrow Scott (he's our drummer)
Other 90's bands are cashing in, when most of them should be sleeping in
All I want for Christmas is an Afghan Whigs reunion

Let’s give a furry hugz welcome to the conductor

Let me tell you something.  In March, Denny, the awesome dude who wears mesh trucker hats, drives a bitchin’ Firebird and occasionally comes to our shows holding bandsigns he crafted in Microsoft Paint, was real worried when he found out Scott was playing his last show with us:


When we told Denny that Jason Mowery was our new man, he promptly tracked Jason (aka Mowie, Mow Mow, JMOW, JMO, Chairman Mow, the Conductor) down and said, “YOU’VE GOT SOME BIG SHOES TO FILL.”  

Denny said some awesome other things, most of which I drank from my memory and replaced with the lyrics from Queensryche’s first album.

Well, that handsome old coot was more than right.  Replacing Scott is a task and a half.  But Jason is ready for this.  And he smells good, too.

If you don’t remember him, or lived outside of the 614 in the late nineties and early aughts, Jason was the drummer for Denovo.  They were fucking incredible and only an asshole wouldn’t have conceded that Mowie was one of the best 2 or 3 drummers in town at the time.  And he still is.  

So he’s bringing his nutso, artful style to Bicentennial Bear and if the first couple of practices are any indication, this is going to be a real exciting time for us.  Welcome to the fold, dude, and get cracking, because we just booked a bunch of shows!

Time’s Making Changes

Duh-udes.  It’s been like forever.  Since we last spoke, my wife gave birth to pretty much the awesomest little dude you could ever meet (his name is Five and we love him like crazy and his favorite musical movement thus far seems to be the Muppets rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody).

Thanks to twitter/facebook/google+/sharpies/carrier pigeons, we fail to post here as often as we should.  OR —-> DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED REGARDING PEOPLE WHO BLOG ABOUT MUNDANE GARBAGE JUST TO CLEAR THEIR HEADS. Anyhow, the moral of the rant is that we typically only post here when we have news that is substantial.  Well. This news is substantial!

Scott Haynes is playing his last show with the Bear on Saturday.  Anyone who owns “Lost Summers” knows how great of a player he is and how muy dificil he’ll be to replace, so you should probably come out to Kobo to see him ring the bell one last time.

The bill is packed with solid music:

Dune – Athenian (Ohio) sludge.

Kerosene Circuit – no frills & big hooks from Dubuque featuring our great friend Aaron Hefel.

Son of the Sun: real tasty treats from Buffalo.

We’ll keep you in the loop regarding our next move.  But in the meantime, come rock with us on Saturday.  RSVP right here.