Big show at the Big Room Bar on Saturday

$5 / $7 for under 21

Big Room Bar – 1036 S Front St Columbus OH 43206 United States

8:30 PM – Yellow Paper Planes
9:30 PM – R Ring (Kelley Deal & Mike Montgomery)
10:30 PM – Bicentennial Bear

Saturday is big for a myriad of reasons.

It’s our last, official, Columbus show until our LP release show on November 20.

It’s the first time we’ve ever shared a bill with Kelley Deal. KELLEY FUCKING DEAL. One half of R Ring and some other bands that prolly soundtracked a few make-out sessions for you at a lights out party in Meredith’s basement in 1994.

It’s the first time in a long time that we’ve played a show with Mike Montgomery, certified rock and roll Mensa Sith lord. And the other half of R Ring.

Yellow Paper Planes are evolving into a gem of a rock band and they are kicking things off early.

All ages. Early show. You can be in bed by midnight.

But beyond all that – and proof that I was a turrible Journalism student, since I’ve buried the lede – is what really makes this night important. Our good pals, Justin Hemminger and Kyle Sowash, have teamed up with one of the last, real, independent radio stations in America and unleashed a badass little rock club and restaurant on us. Justin and Kyle have been scheming this shit for years. And if Friday night was any hint of what’s to come, well, come often. What? The club is attached to the CD102.5 studios. It’s their Big Room, and now it’s open to the public. It’s like a Slovenian social hall or Grampa’s VFW hang, but with a much better menu and premium beers. It’s your kinda joint. So anyhow, I’m real proud of my dudes, Kyle and Justin, and Randy Malloy at CD101 for that matter. And I’m fucking honored to be a part of the inaugural weekend. So come out on Saturdee. The show starts early. And the wieners and beers will be tasty.