Cardinal Codes


Welcome to  If you are a frequent visitor, you know that we spent a couple of days at Central City with Jon Chinn (before he made us eat his dust as he wheeled off to Brooklyn like a high effin’ roller).  So yeah, we recorded 4 full songs with Chinners and 1 more sans vocals. Chinn mastered them and now they are sitting on Sean’s computer, which is right next to his collection of She-Ra Princess of Power action figures.

We may record a few more songs this summer and eventually release an LP.  We may stop here and make it an EP.  We might get in a giant fist fight on stage at tomorrow night’s happy hour show, break up and never release them to the public (because odd shit always goes down when we play Rumba – pants splitting, chicken nugget USA chants, etc).

Regardless, we posted one of the songs, which is actually the baby of the batch, called Cardinal Codes.

DOWNLOAD THAT HOT SHIT and come to our Rumba show on Friday.  Good times, indeed, good times.