Alley Islands

We are super proud to be playing Alley Islands I.

The official 411:

Alley Islands is a downtown street festival that encourages people to re-envision how alleys can be used and enjoy the urban environment. On June 2nd, from noon to midnight, guests are invited to see works of art, creative displays, live music, performances, participate in activities, see projections, shop from local vendors, drink local beers and eat local food, all in an unexpectedly vibrant urban setting. Price of entry is $5.

Murals And Art Installations By:
Natalia Sanchez • Adam Hernandez • Thom Glick • Steve Ehret • Chelsea Bennett • Patrick Torres • Julie Martin • Adam Brouillette • Covert • Daniel Rona • Jen Wrubles

Additional Displays By:
OBLSK • MATCHBOX LTD • Cbus Libraries

With A Special Gallery Exhibition: Hidden Layers

Musical Performances By:
WVWhite • Bicentennial Bear • Mummula • Maza Blaska
Sam Rothstein • Rival Cities • BhadWaiz • Kashis Keyz W/the Band • Jai Carey • The West Ghost • Greenjeans • Audrey & Orwell • Good Reverend• Dru Era • Shad Jones • FACE

Additional Performances And Activities By:
Queer Community Mic • Presto • replenish: the spa co-op

Pop-up Vendors Including:
Barmaid Soap Company • Glitteracy • Little Critter Plush • Mysterioso Rock Art • 2 Girls with Curls • Wholly Craft • UncommonlyAssociated • The Makist • Sarah Harste Weavings • RATIO • Upright Press • Chelsea Bennett
and Others Organized By Craftin’ Outlaws

Food And Beer From
Wolf’s Ridge Brewing • Seventh Son Brewing • BrewDog USA • Rime Time Curiously Crafted Pops • ClusterTruck

Alley Islands is a joint venture between BlockfortTransit Columbus, and PlaceMakes:.

The event is supported by the The Discovery District SID, the Greater Columbus Arts Council, and Compton Construction, LLC.

New music is here.

Wolves & Hustle Missile | Digital 7″

$3 – Only available on
100% of proceeds go to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)

Buy Wolves & Hustle Missile

The Evangelicals Endorsed The Criminals
We wrote two anthems about the current state of affairs.

We wish the songs were more hopeful and offered some solutions, but right now we’re just angry and looking for ways to counter the rise in hateful rhetoric and action. Every single penny we make between now and July 4 will be sent to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry and to seeking justice for the most vulnerable members of our society. Using litigation, education, and other forms of advocacy, the SPLC works toward the day when the ideals of equal justice and equal opportunity will be a reality.

Keep fighting the good fight, friends. And please share with your friends who love the rock & roll as much as they despise all the racism and bigotry.




Well hot damn. We are wicked stoked to be playing Midpoint. There are so many fantastic bands on this bill.

Let me tell you something, the idea in my head after I first saw Leah play viola and sing in a duo was, “we can steal her and then Bi Bear can sould like Superchunk and New Pornographers had a baby, and Cheap Trick is the babysitter.”

I think it worked. So playing on the same festival as New Pornographers is thrilling for us.

And the Charli Bliss record makes me want to drink a million beers and pogo. I hope the schedule lets us catch them.

And Ampline are our great buddies. beyond that, they are phenomenal. Broken Social Scene are fantastic, too. And I’ve been hearing great things about Aaron Lee Tasjan. We’re super happy.


The world’s going dark. Let rock and roll be our light. Right?

We’ve got a few really excellent shows coming up. In February we’ll be sharing the Big Room stage with the most excellent She Bears.

In April, we’re doing a handful of shows with some of our heroes… Split Single (Jason Narducy of Bob Mould’s band, Superchunk, Verbow and more) and R.Ring – the beautiful, angular duo of Kelley Deal (The Breeders, The Amps) and Mike Montgomery (Ampline, Thistle). Hot damn!

First call to crush the vitriol

That is a poor Superdrag reference. Sorry.

Hi, all. We’re playing a pop-up show tonight at Big Room. We are playing with the always incredible AMPLINE and the magestic noisemakers, 11+2=12+1.
In the grand scheme of things, it’s a small gesture, but we’re gonna donate the door from this show to the Southern Poverty Law Center. They are extremely vigilant and protective of *all* the women and men who will be targeted the most by the alt-right in the white house.

It’d be great to see some friends and sweat out some of the frustration that many of us are feeling.

It’s an early show. Music starts at 9:00 PM.

If we can get 100 people in the door, we can send $500+ to SPLC.


Helling Yeah!

This Friday we are playing a really special show with our brothers from another mother, the Kyle Sowashes and Winter Makes Sailors. The show is called Helling Yeah and it will be a celebration of our buddy Brett Helling. All proceeds will be donated to the American Federation of Suicide Prevention. There are limited tickets available. If you would like to attend, please acquire your tickets now.