Cardinal Codes


Welcome to  If you are a frequent visitor, you know that we spent a couple of days at Central City with Jon Chinn (before he made us eat his dust as he wheeled off to Brooklyn like a high effin’ roller).  So yeah, we recorded 4 full songs with Chinners and 1 more sans vocals. Chinn mastered them and now they are sitting on Sean’s computer, which is right next to his collection of She-Ra Princess of Power action figures.

We may record a few more songs this summer and eventually release an LP.  We may stop here and make it an EP.  We might get in a giant fist fight on stage at tomorrow night’s happy hour show, break up and never release them to the public (because odd shit always goes down when we play Rumba – pants splitting, chicken nugget USA chants, etc).

Regardless, we posted one of the songs, which is actually the baby of the batch, called Cardinal Codes.

DOWNLOAD THAT HOT SHIT and come to our Rumba show on Friday.  Good times, indeed, good times.



Friends of the Bear,

Before summer poops in your Rice Chex with family reunions and Ricky’s youth soccer league, take advantage of the moderate weather and your unexpected free time:

Happy Hour Show this Friday
Rumba Room, Columbus
Bicentennial Bear + The Moving Parts
Music at 6:30 sharp – done by 9.

You wanted early rock shows, and the Bear has delivered.  You’ll be home in time to watch that show where Jennifer Love Hewitt talks to zombie milk maids.

Word! (2507 Summit St. 43202)

Saturday at Ravari Room

According to the infallible codes of King James verse and numerous hints provided by Princess Diana’s grand sextile hexagon-shaped astrological pattern, an asteroid the size of Rhode Island will strike one of the Great Lakes on Sunday morning. 

On Saturday, survival instructions will be delivered by the four horsemen of the apocalypse, злото царици.  If you can’t make it to the show, you are most likely screwed.  Unless you have the Star Wars Christmas Record, in which case you can listen to, in reverse, “What Can You Get a Wookie for Christmas (When He Already Owns a Comb?)” for directions to the designated shelter nearest you.

Saturday, March 6
Ravari Room
10:30 PM, in this order:

Bicentennial Bear
Josh Kayser + The Razors
The Evil Queens


So here it is, Reggie, the news you’ve been waiting for: your furry friend has started recording a proper album. 

Last Saturday, whilst exhausted and somewhat hungover from the previous night’s show, we entered Central City Studio with Jon Chinn.  In a short day’s work, we managed to track everything for 5 songs, sans vocals.  Leah and I will be heading back in early March to lay down some words and melodies and shit.

As we await the major label bidding war to erupt (we figure we’ll either sign with Casablanca or CBS), we still plan on playing some shows in town.  We figure that it’s pointless to start touring before the suits buy us an RV from Tom Raper in Richmond, Indiana.  And holy crapoli do we have a doozy of a show lined up on March 6:  EVIL QUEENZ OMGOMGOMG.  TWEET IT TO THE INTERNETZ AND BEYOND.

Yep.  The Queens are back and have invited us and Josh Kayser and The Razors to join them.  We play FIRST.  10:30-ish.  This might be the last time you see us in such a small setting as there are serious talks for us to tour with Foghat this summer.  EAT IT.

Bicentennial Bear at the Treehouse on Saturday

Your friends in Bicentennial Bear are playing at the Treehouse on Saturdee.  Come shake off the holiday rust with a healthy scoop of loud.

If you haven’t seen the Bear with Leah Wahlin, our new viola player and singer, you’re missing out.  Friends have labeled the addition of Leah as “the musical equivalent of when people started adding Jolly Ranchers to their Zima.”  Originally, Bicentennial Bear was crisp, clear and refreshing.  Now they are even sweeter, and bad for your teeth as well.

We’re also playing with the furry dudes in SPD GVNR.  They play the rock like they keep their beards: unruly.  This is their first show since Justin had Tommy John surgery, and since the band recorded an EP with Steve Albini.  If you don’t know who Tommy John and Steve Albini are, it’s time you put down the Zima and jump on Netscape.

Finally, Chris Bair has a new project called Bronson Bunny Deathwish.  No, I didn’t make that name up.  It’s kinda goofy, right?  But what isn’t goofy is how monstrous their sound is.  They are a three piece rock machine, channeling Dinosaur Jr and a little bit of Bair’s other band, Silo The Huskie.  It’s really good stuff. 

Paste the concise details into your palm pilot:
Saturday, Jan 9 at the Treehouse
Music at 10:30


Word to your snow monsters.

I just got home from a great practice with the Bi Bears.  So I felt inspired to write a note of thanks to everyone who came to shows or showed some interest in our new project in 2009.  Things moved a little bit slower than we anticipated during the second half of the year.  But over the last few weeks, we’ve really turned the corner and we’re starting to write some solid stuff.  I can’t wait for 2010.

Be careful on the icy streets and have a safe and warm holiday.  See you at the Treehouse on January 9.

Let’s send the motherf*cking aughts out with a bang.

Friends of the Bear,

We’ve been slacking on the updates.  Sorry.  We’ve been busy in Ray Ray’s Mystery Garage, working on our stage moves and breaking in our new viola player.

Actually, the viola part is true.  Come welcome our friend Leah to the band.  It’s her first show with us, and our last show of the decade.  Let’s send the motherf*cking aughts out with a bang.  Right?  Bloody well right.

Friday, November 20
Ravari Room, Columbus
with EARWIG & THE SAFES (Chicago)

Earwig will probably be playing songs from their almost finished, new record.  You know the hooks will be sweeter than Swedish Fish.

The Safes are a power pop band from Chicago

ran by three dudes with O’Malley on the back of their jerseys.  Ravari better stock up on the Jameson.  Here’s what Bitchfork had to say about The Safes: “They do nothing you haven’t heard before, and they do it better than most.”  Rock and Roll.

Bicentennial Bear plays first at 10:30-ish: hookier and louder than you remember.

– billy, sean, scott, adam & leah

OH Yeahhhhhh!

Don’t you forget about us.

Hello Freakshows,

Long time, no talky.  That’s our bad. 

We had a fantastic practice last night, so I felt inspired to check in and post some golden news.

We have a new band member.  Her name is Leah Wahlin and she’s a fantastic viola player and singer that Sean and I also happen to work with.  We’ve only had 8 or 9 practices with her, but it sounds quite fantastic.

We’re re-vamping some old songs and writing a bunch of new ones, with plans to start booking shows and recording sessions in early ’10. 

That’s all I got.