The Other Paper kinda nails it: Album of the summer?

We *shouldn’t* get too excited after a nice review, or two bummed after a bad one. We should do what we do for ourselves. But sometimes a positive review makes your midsection tremble with vindication and satisfaction; as such, for crying out loud, Rick Allen nailed this review. It’s almost like he was privy to our first band emails when we decided to start Bi Bear. Because what he says in the review is everything I wanted us to sound like.

I like this part the best:

Come celebrate with us Friday!

Lost Summers on iTunes; Clint Reno Limited Edition Style

Heya!  The record is now available on iTunes and CD Baby.

At Friday’s show, we’ll be selling limited edition physical copies of the album that will be housed in a hand numbered and silk screened package, designed by our great friend and amazing illustrator Clint Reno.

Hand screened posters will also be on Sale at Friday’s show.

You can check out all of Reno’s stuff here.

See ya Friday?!

LOST SUMMERS drops June 10

Sweet son of a bitch.  Mark your firehouse dalmatians desktop calender, we’re releasing this epic monster on June 10 at Kobo.  And by epic, we mean not-epic-at-all.  It’s nine tracks.  23 minutes of straight forward, pop goodness.  

Bicentennial Bear – Lost Summers
  1. Year of our Ladybirds
  2. Warpspeed
  3. Black Quarterbacks
  4. Makeshifting
  5. Fifty Percent Done
  6. Cardinal Codes
  7. Built for Futures
  8. Off to Work
  9. Wave of Lost Summers
Tracks 2, 3, 4 & 9 were engineered and mixed by Todd Tobias at Waterloo Studios

Tracks 1, 6, 7 & 8 were engineered and mixed by Jon Chinn and Max Lewis at Central City Recording

Track 5 was engineered by Bicentennial Bear and mixed by Sean Sefcik in various basements and work lofts

Mastered by Chris Keffer at Magnetic North Studio

Artwork by Clinton Reno

All songs written and arranged by Bicentennial Bear © 2011 Billy Peake, ASCAP

Adam Dowell: Bass, Percussion
Scott Haynes: Drums, Glockenspiel

Billy Peake: Guitar, Vocals
Sean Sefcik: Guitar
Leah Wahlin: Viola, Vocals

It’s My Waterloo

We are heading to Cleveland tomorrow to record the second half of our June release with Mr. Todd Tobias of GBV/Robert Pollard production fame.  My alarm is set for 6:15 AM.  It’s 2:30 AM. What is wrong with me?

I should be preparing for tomorrow, but instead I’ve been re-searching Trevor’s breed possibilities (for a second I thought he might have a little Samoyed in him, but he’s most likely a Golden Retriever/Chow mix).  Did I mention that I research this every six months and conclude the same?

No matter how much I do or don’t prepare, I’ma rewrite half of my guitar and vocal lines about 15 minutes before I track.  Well, probably not.  But after a long week of work, working out and fending off a sideways flu, I don’t have any good ideas left.  So here I am, puking out nonsense for no one.  Anyhow, yeah, Todd Tobias at Waterloo studio.  This should be a golden time.

Cardinal Codes


Welcome to  If you are a frequent visitor, you know that we spent a couple of days at Central City with Jon Chinn (before he made us eat his dust as he wheeled off to Brooklyn like a high effin’ roller).  So yeah, we recorded 4 full songs with Chinners and 1 more sans vocals. Chinn mastered them and now they are sitting on Sean’s computer, which is right next to his collection of She-Ra Princess of Power action figures.

We may record a few more songs this summer and eventually release an LP.  We may stop here and make it an EP.  We might get in a giant fist fight on stage at tomorrow night’s happy hour show, break up and never release them to the public (because odd shit always goes down when we play Rumba – pants splitting, chicken nugget USA chants, etc).

Regardless, we posted one of the songs, which is actually the baby of the batch, called Cardinal Codes.

DOWNLOAD THAT HOT SHIT and come to our Rumba show on Friday.  Good times, indeed, good times.



Friends of the Bear,

Before summer poops in your Rice Chex with family reunions and Ricky’s youth soccer league, take advantage of the moderate weather and your unexpected free time:

Happy Hour Show this Friday
Rumba Room, Columbus
Bicentennial Bear + The Moving Parts
Music at 6:30 sharp – done by 9.

You wanted early rock shows, and the Bear has delivered.  You’ll be home in time to watch that show where Jennifer Love Hewitt talks to zombie milk maids.

Word! (2507 Summit St. 43202)