It’s My Waterloo

We are heading to Cleveland tomorrow to record the second half of our June release with Mr. Todd Tobias of GBV/Robert Pollard production fame.  My alarm is set for 6:15 AM.  It’s 2:30 AM. What is wrong with me?

I should be preparing for tomorrow, but instead I’ve been re-searching Trevor’s breed possibilities (for a second I thought he might have a little Samoyed in him, but he’s most likely a Golden Retriever/Chow mix).  Did I mention that I research this every six months and conclude the same?

No matter how much I do or don’t prepare, I’ma rewrite half of my guitar and vocal lines about 15 minutes before I track.  Well, probably not.  But after a long week of work, working out and fending off a sideways flu, I don’t have any good ideas left.  So here I am, puking out nonsense for no one.  Anyhow, yeah, Todd Tobias at Waterloo studio.  This should be a golden time.