Let’s send the motherf*cking aughts out with a bang.

Friends of the Bear,

We’ve been slacking on the updates.  Sorry.  We’ve been busy in Ray Ray’s Mystery Garage, working on our stage moves and breaking in our new viola player.

Actually, the viola part is true.  Come welcome our friend Leah to the band.  It’s her first show with us, and our last show of the decade.  Let’s send the motherf*cking aughts out with a bang.  Right?  Bloody well right.

Friday, November 20
Ravari Room, Columbus
with EARWIG & THE SAFES (Chicago)

Earwig will probably be playing songs from their almost finished, new record.  You know the hooks will be sweeter than Swedish Fish.

The Safes are a power pop band from Chicago

ran by three dudes with O’Malley on the back of their jerseys.  Ravari better stock up on the Jameson.  Here’s what Bitchfork had to say about The Safes: “They do nothing you haven’t heard before, and they do it better than most.”  Rock and Roll.

Bicentennial Bear plays first at 10:30-ish: hookier and louder than you remember.

– billy, sean, scott, adam & leah

OH Yeahhhhhh!