Saturday Night at the Treehouse

Dear Spring Tulip,

Come to the Treehouse on Saturday night, March 28.  We have a fantastic show lined-up for your absolute A/V pleasure.

SPD GVNR (10:30)

Brand new project from Justin Hemminger (Treysuno, The Kyle Sowashes).  Monstrous 3-piece.  RIYL the 90’s, DC-style.

VIA AUDIO (11:15)
East Coast Hot Shots.  Come see if the hype is warranted.

BICENTENNIAL BEAR (midnight-ish)
Columbus a$$holes


Adam, Billy, Scott & Sean

Bicentennial Bear, Bookmobile & The Bygones

“Hello partners,

We promise this will be the last transmission for at least a month.  After Saturday’s show, we are going back to the cave to write more songs, fix up the current numbers and start recording demos.  But speaking of Saturday’s show, it’s gonna be a hot mess:

Bicentennial Bear, Bookmobile & The Bygones
Saturday, Feb 21  |  Ravari Room 2657 N. High St
Music starts at 10:30, in said order

If you are really bored, check out our Facebook and Myspace pages.  They are still pretty lonely, especially since we had to lay off our band intern Reggie. Times are tough, but rock will light the path to awesometown. Ask the bengal tiger.

February 21st – Ravari Room

_Thanks to those of you that made it out to our debut show last week. Thanks to the Moving Parts for letting us sweat out the rock. The Treehouse is our truest love.
_We have a hot-freak rockfest scheduled for Saturday, February 21 at Ravari: Bi Bear, Bookmobile and The Bygones. We play early at 10:30 SHARRRRRRP. So come grab some pizza pie next door, sit your two-timing self down with your two lovers (gin & tonic) and make a night of it. Oh yeah, bring earplugs. SRSLY.
_We are still plugging away at refining the existing songs and plan to plug in another newby for next Saturday. Hopefully some recording time will be scheduled soon, as well. Oh yes, this is all very exciting.”



You may be visiting because you heard that a few of your friends have a new band. You may be on the hunt for musket toting teddybears (to put on the knick-knack bureau next to your Carter/Mondale commemorative plate). Whichever the case may be, welcome to the new site!

We are indeed a Columbus rock band. Our first practice was about six weeks ago and we are playing our maiden show at the Treehouse on Friday, Feb 6 with our old friends in The Moving Parts. It