So here it is, Reggie, the news you’ve been waiting for: your furry friend has started recording a proper album. 

Last Saturday, whilst exhausted and somewhat hungover from the previous night’s show, we entered Central City Studio with Jon Chinn.  In a short day’s work, we managed to track everything for 5 songs, sans vocals.  Leah and I will be heading back in early March to lay down some words and melodies and shit.

As we await the major label bidding war to erupt (we figure we’ll either sign with Casablanca or CBS), we still plan on playing some shows in town.  We figure that it’s pointless to start touring before the suits buy us an RV from Tom Raper in Richmond, Indiana.  And holy crapoli do we have a doozy of a show lined up on March 6:  EVIL QUEENZ OMGOMGOMG.  TWEET IT TO THE INTERNETZ AND BEYOND.

Yep.  The Queens are back and have invited us and Josh Kayser and The Razors to join them.  We play FIRST.  10:30-ish.  This might be the last time you see us in such a small setting as there are serious talks for us to tour with Foghat this summer.  EAT IT.