First call to crush the vitriol

That is a poor Superdrag reference. Sorry.

Hi, all. We’re playing a pop-up show tonight at Big Room. We are playing with the always incredible AMPLINE and the magestic noisemakers, 11+2=12+1.
In the grand scheme of things, it’s a small gesture, but we’re gonna donate the door from this show to the Southern Poverty Law Center. They are extremely vigilant and protective of *all* the women and men who will be targeted the most by the alt-right in the white house.

It’d be great to see some friends and sweat out some of the frustration that many of us are feeling.

It’s an early show. Music starts at 9:00 PM.

If we can get 100 people in the door, we can send $500+ to SPLC.


Oh, yeah. We have a website.

How about a show? Yesh. That sounds golden.

Please come out to the Tree Bar on Friday, April 11. It’s a fantastic line-up:

Music starts at 9:30 sharp!

11 + 2 = 12 + 1
* Keith Novicki + Joel Walter = the good noises

Those Mockingbirds
* New Jersey upstarts with a ton of great press and the songs to back it up

Alone At 3AM
* super catchy, smart alt-country from Cincy on Tiberius/Sofaburn

Bicentennial Bear
* fuzzy and angular pop from Miranda Sound, Denovo & Last Hotel alums

In summary, Bi Bear will play around Midnight. Come early, stay late, grab a shirt.