Update on that record – and a new EP!

Well holy shit. We finally have some news worth reporting. Bicentennial Bear will have not one, but two releases in 2015.

At our shows this May, we will be giving away the Charleston Jail +3 EP. It will include the track The Ghost from the Charleston Jail plus three other songs from our Relay Recording sessions that won’t be featured on the full length: Proper Nouns, Asshole & High Horse. The EP will be free and a super limited run. So please make it out to a show to grab one, yo. We’ll also make sure the EP is up on all of your favorite streaming sites plus iTunes & Amazon. We’ll keep you updated on availability.

How about that LP? Well, mixing is complete. The track order is confirmed. Mastering and artwork are being contemplated. We’ll probably do colored vinyl and my vote is for orange. We should be shipping it off to press shortly and will be releasing it in October!

Oh yeah, it’s called Doubt & Distortion. And it’s quite the production. I think (hope) the hooks are there, everyone’s playing is fantastic and it¬†sounds huge.

Finally, Sean and Jason are working on a new site. It should be live earlier this summer. Now that we’re done with the album, we’ll be playing a bunch more and hopefully keeping this space updated. Word!