Well hot damn. We are wicked stoked to be playing Midpoint. There are so many fantastic bands on this bill. 

Let me tell you something, the idea in my head after I first saw Leah play viola and sing in a duo was, "we can steal her and then Bi Bear can sould like Superchunk and New Pornographers had a baby, and Cheap Trick is the babysitter."

I think it worked. So playing on the same festival as New Pornographers is thrilling for us.

And the Charli Bliss record makes me want to drink a million beers and pogo. I hope the schedule lets us catch them.

And Ampline are our great buddies. beyond that, they are phenomenal. Broken Social Scene are fantastic, too. And I've been hearing great things about Aaron Lee Tasjan. We're super happy.
Good things are coming, good things are coming our way

We're writing new songs. And recording some as well.

And we have some other positive announcements coming your way.

Until then, let the handiwork of Stephen Carney keep you warm.
The world's going dark. Let rock and roll be our light. Right?

We've got a few really excellent shows coming up. In February we'll be sharing the Big Room stage with the most excellent She Bears.

In April, we're doing a handful of shows with some of our heroes... Split Single (Jason Narducy of Bob Mould's band, Superchunk, Verbow and more) and R.Ring - the beautiful, angular duo of Kelley Deal (The Breeders, The Amps) and Mike Montgomery (Ampline, Thistle). Hot damn!
First call to crush the vitriol
That is a poor Superdrag reference. Sorry.

Hi, all. We're playing a pop-up show tonight at Big Room. We are playing with the always incredible AMPLINE and the magestic noisemakers, 11+2=12+1.

In the grand scheme of things, it's a small gesture, but we're gonna donate the door from this show to the Southern Poverty Law Center. They are extremely vigilant and protective of *all* the women and men who will be targeted the most by the alt-right in the white house.

It'd be great to see some friends and sweat out some of the frustration that many of us are feeling.

It's an early show. Music starts at 9:00 PM.

If we can get 100 people in the door, we can send $500+ to SPLC.

Helling Yeah!
This Friday we are playing a really special show with our brothers from another mother, the Kyle Sowashes and Winter Makes Sailors. The show is called Helling Yeah and it will be a celebration of our buddy Brett Helling. All proceeds will be donated to the American Federation of Suicide Prevention. There are limited tickets available. If you would like to attend, please acquire your tickets now.
Thank You!
Hey, friends. Thanks for making our release shows in Newport/Cincy, Indy and Columbus such blistering successes. We are seriously grateful.

If you haven't nabbed a copy of Doubt & Distortion, you can do so here:

Vinyl and CDs
Google Play

We hope to see you at the Andyman-a-thon on Dec. 18 at the Big Room Bar.

Happy Thanksgiving, bitches!
Ghettoblaster previews Doubt & Distortion
Our old pals at Ghettoblaster are previewing the first track on Doubt & DistortionCheck it out!

Friday in Newport, KY (Cincy)
This Friday, we play with the amazing Ampline at Iron Fest VI. 11 PM-ish in the lounge. Come on out, friends!

View post on imgur.com

November 20 at Ace of Cups, y'all.
View post on imgur.com

See ya there!

Mark your calendars, yo
Hey, everyone.

LP test pressings are being reviewed this weekend (180 gram vinyl, pressed in CLEVELAND, bitches). And we already have CDs. It's finally really happening. Our second album of 10 righteous melodies will be in your dirty hands this November.

Release shows are scheduled in Newport, KY (Cincy), Indianapolis and Columbus. More news to come! 
Big show at the Big Room Bar on Saturday
$5 / $7 for under 21

Big Room Bar - 1036 S Front St Columbus OH 43206 United States

8:30 PM - Yellow Paper Planes
9:30 PM - R Ring (Kelley Deal & Mike Montgomery)
10:30 PM - Bicentennial Bear

Saturday is big for a myriad of reasons.

It's our last, official, Columbus show until our LP release show on November 20.

It's the first time we've ever shared a bill with Kelley Deal. KELLEY FUCKING DEAL. One half of R Ring and some other bands that prolly soundtracked a few make-out sessions for you at a lights out party in Meredith's basement in 1994.

It's the first time in a long time that we've played a show with Mike Montgomery, certified rock and roll Mensa Sith lord. And the other half of R Ring. 

Yellow Paper Planes are evolving into a gem of a rock band and they are kicking things off early.

All ages. Early show. You can be in bed by midnight.

But beyond all that - and proof that I was a turrible Journalism student, since I've buried the lede - is what really makes this night important. Our good pals, Justin Hemminger and Kyle Sowash, have teamed up with one of the last, real, independent radio stations in America and unleashed a badass little rock club and restaurant on us. Justin and Kyle have been scheming this shit for years. And if Friday night was any hint of what's to come, well, come often. What? The club is attached to the CD102.5 studios. It's their Big Room, and now it's open to the public. It's like a Slovenian social hall or Grampa's VFW hang, but with a much better menu and premium beers. It's your kinda joint. So anyhow, I'm real proud of my dudes, Kyle and Justin, and Randy Malloy at CD101 for that matter. And I'm fucking honored to be a part of the inaugural weekend. So come out on Saturdee. The show starts early. And the wieners and beers will be tasty.
Today is the day...
...to listen to the new EP, yo. 

Your turtle

Anywhere else you buy, steal, share or preview the digital musics.

Update on that record - and a new EP!
Well holy shit. We finally have some news worth reporting. Bicentennial Bear will have not one, but two releases in 2015. 

At our shows this May, we will be giving away the Charleston Jail +3 EP. It will include the track The Ghost from the Charleston Jail plus three other songs from our Relay Recording sessions that won't be featured on the full length: Proper Nouns, Asshole & High Horse. The EP will be free and a super limited run. So please make it out to a show to grab one, yo. We'll also make sure the EP is up on all of your favorite streaming sites plus iTunes & Amazon. We'll keep you updated on availability.

How about that LP? Well, mixing is complete. The track order is confirmed. Mastering and artwork are being contemplated. We'll probably do colored vinyl and my vote is for orange. We should be shipping it off to press shortly and will be releasing it in October!

Oh yeah, it's called Doubt & Distortion. And it's quite the production. I think (hope) the hooks are there, everyone's playing is fantastic and it sounds huge.

Finally, Sean and Jason are working on a new site. It should be live earlier this summer. Now that we're done with the album, we'll be playing a bunch more and hopefully keeping this space updated. Word!

- billy

Oh, yeah. We have a website.
How about a show? Yesh. That sounds golden.

Please come out to the Tree Bar on Friday, April 11. It's a fantastic line-up:

Music starts at 9:30 sharp!

11 + 2 = 12 + 1
* Keith Novicki + Joel Walter = the good noises

Those Mockingbirds
* New Jersey upstarts with a ton of great press and the songs to back it up

Alone At 3AM
* super catchy, smart alt-country from Cincy on Tiberius/Sofaburn

Bicentennial Bear 
* fuzzy and angular pop from Miranda Sound, Denovo & Last Hotel alums

In summary, Bi Bear will play around Midnight. Come early, stay late, grab a shirt.


Comfest and Corncobs
Man, getting the call from the Comfest committee still feels good, no matter how old ones balls are. And, so, here we are, prepping to tear it up on the Off Ramp stage on Sunday at 2:50 sharp.

Everybody with half a brain knows that Sunday is funday at Comfest.  The corncob quotient is low, as most of the morons who can't hold their hoppy CBC drafts are exhausted and hungover to hell by that point in the weekend.  Thus, a handsome collection of good natured folks usually gather around the tent by mid-afternoon on Sunday.  And there we shall be, loud and happy as hell, dropping the hammer.  2:50.  Don't be late.

Happy Comfest!
Afghan Whigs finally heed our advice
The world is a better place when Greg, John and Rick are making the sweet sounds together.

All I want for Christmas is an Afghan Whigs reunion
All I want for Christmas is a little bit of 'Mylez is Ded'
Bring out the good Colombian sneak
and put it under my Christmas tree
All I want for Christmas is an Afghan Whigs reunion

I love the Twilight Singers and the project with Lanegan
but nothing gives me rock and roll boners like Black Love and Gentlemen
All these young bands are soft
I'm so tired of this bearded folk rock
All I want for Christmas is an Afghan Whigs reunion

John: "Hello?"
Greg: "Curly, it's Greg. Montie Temple called.
Some ding dongs in Columbus are offering us
a bag of sneaky if we play their hot tub party."
John: "What?"
Greg: "Hot Tub Party."
John: " Sweet. I'm In."

All I want for Christmas, is Greg to call Rick and John
I don't care who plays drums, hell, you can borrow Scott (he's our drummer)
Other 90's bands are cashing in, when most of them should be sleeping in
All I want for Christmas is an Afghan Whigs reunion

Let's give a furry hugz welcome to the conductor
Let me tell you something.  In March, Denny, the awesome dude who wears mesh trucker hats, drives a bitchin' Firebird and occasionally comes to our shows holding bandsigns he crafted in Microsoft Paint, was real worried when he found out Scott was playing his last show with us:


When we told Denny that Jason Mowery was our new man, he promptly tracked Jason (aka Mowie, Mow Mow, JMOW, JMO, Chairman Mow, the Conductor) down and said, "YOU'VE GOT SOME BIG SHOES TO FILL."  

Denny said some awesome other things, most of which I drank from my memory and replaced with the lyrics from Queensryche's first album.

Well, that handsome old coot was more than right.  Replacing Scott is a task and a half.  But Jason is ready for this.  And he smells good, too.

If you don't remember him, or lived outside of the 614 in the late nineties and early aughts, Jason was the drummer for Denovo.  They were fucking incredible and only an asshole wouldn't have conceded that Mowie was one of the best 2 or 3 drummers in town at the time.  And he still is.  

So he's bringing his nutso, artful style to Bicentennial Bear and if the first couple of practices are any indication, this is going to be a real exciting time for us.  Welcome to the fold, dude, and get cracking, because we just booked a bunch of shows!
Time's Making Changes
Duh-udes.  It's been like forever.  Since we last spoke, my wife gave birth to pretty much the awesomest little dude you could ever meet (his name is Five and we love him like crazy and his favorite musical movement thus far seems to be the Muppets rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody).

Thanks to twitter/facebook/google+/sharpies/carrier pigeons, we fail to post here as often as we should.  OR ----> DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED REGARDING PEOPLE WHO BLOG ABOUT MUNDANE GARBAGE JUST TO CLEAR THEIR HEADS. Anyhow, the moral of the rant is that we typically only post here when we have news that is substantial.  Well. This news is substantial!

Scott Haynes is playing his last show with the Bear on Saturday.  Anyone who owns "Lost Summers" knows how great of a player he is and how muy dificil he'll be to replace, so you should probably come out to Kobo to see him ring the bell one last time.

The bill is packed with solid music:

Dune - Athenian (Ohio) sludge.

Kerosene Circuit - no frills & big hooks from Dubuque featuring our great friend Aaron Hefel.

Son of the Sun: real tasty treats from Buffalo.

We'll keep you in the loop regarding our next move.  But in the meantime, come rock with us on Saturday.  RSVP right here.

Bi Bear hits the road
Hey, jerks.  We're taking the new record out to some familiar haunts in Chicago and Dubuque. Share the news with your friends in middle America.  Or not.
The Other Paper kinda nails it: Album of the summer?
We *shouldn't* get too excited after a nice review, or two bummed after a bad one. We should do what we do for ourselves. But sometimes a positive review makes your midsection tremble with vindication and satisfaction; as such, for crying out loud, Rick Allen nailed this review. It's almost like he was privy to our first band emails when we decided to start Bi Bear. Because what he says in the review is everything I wanted us to sound like.

I like this part the best:
"It may be too early to call Lost Summers the album of the summer, but after letting it get under my skin, I'd call that a safe bet."

Come celebrate with us Friday!
Lost Summers on iTunes; Clint Reno Limited Edition Style
Heya!  The record is now available on iTunes and CD Baby.

At Friday's show, we'll be selling limited edition physical copies of the album that will be housed in a hand numbered and silk screened package, designed by our great friend and amazing illustrator Clint Reno.

Hand screened posters will also be on Sale at Friday's show.

You can check out all of Reno's stuff here.

See ya Friday?!
LOST SUMMERS drops June 10
Sweet son of a bitch.  Mark your firehouse dalmatians desktop calender, we're releasing this epic monster on June 10 at Kobo.  And by epic, we mean not-epic-at-all.  It's nine tracks.  23 minutes of straight forward, pop goodness.  

Bicentennial Bear - Lost Summers

  1. Year of our Ladybirds

  2. Warpspeed

  3. Black Quarterbacks

  4. Makeshifting

  5. Fifty Percent Done

  6. Cardinal Codes

  7. Built for Futures

  8. Off to Work

  9. Wave of Lost Summers

Tracks 2, 3, 4 & 9 were engineered and mixed by Todd Tobias at Waterloo Studios

Tracks 1, 6, 7 & 8 were engineered and mixed by Jon Chinn and Max Lewis at Central City Recording

Track 5 was engineered by Bicentennial Bear and mixed by Sean Sefcik in various basements and work lofts

Mastered by Chris Keffer at Magnetic North Studio

Artwork by Clinton Reno

All songs written and arranged by Bicentennial Bear © 2011 Billy Peake, ASCAP

Adam Dowell: Bass, Percussion
Scott Haynes: Drums, Glockenspiel

Billy Peake: Guitar, Vocals
Sean Sefcik: Guitar
Leah Wahlin: Viola, Vocals

We're playing Saturday at Kobo...
And the Dispatch gave us a liitle love on Thursday to push the show.  Unfortunately, the masses were hammered on green beer and jello shots and probably missed it.  But that's why we're re-posting.

It's My Waterloo
We are heading to Cleveland tomorrow to record the second half of our June release with Mr. Todd Tobias of GBV/Robert Pollard production fame.  My alarm is set for 6:15 AM.  It's 2:30 AM. What is wrong with me?

I should be preparing for tomorrow, but instead I've been re-searching Trevor's breed possibilities (for a second I thought he might have a little Samoyed in him, but he's most likely a Golden Retriever/Chow mix).  Did I mention that I research this every six months and conclude the same?

No matter how much I do or don't prepare, I'ma rewrite half of my guitar and vocal lines about 15 minutes before I track.  Well, probably not.  But after a long week of work, working out and fending off a sideways flu, I don't have any good ideas left.  So here I am, puking out nonsense for no one.  Anyhow, yeah, Todd Tobias at Waterloo studio.  This should be a golden time.
We are still alive. We have a new record coming out in March June and a few splendid shows lined up.

You should come see us at Kobo on January 28 with SPD GVNR and Vanity Theft.  And if you want to prolong Christmas until the Orthodox New Year, you can get dirty with the number we added to Donewaiting's Very Ohio ChristmasPeople are digging it!

Bicentennial Bear at Comfest: Sunday at 1:30 SHARP, Offramp Stage.  That is all.

Cardinal Codes

Welcome to bicentennialbear.com.  If you are a frequent visitor, you know that we spent a couple of days at Central City with Jon Chinn (before he made us eat his dust as he wheeled off to Brooklyn like a high effin' roller).  So yeah, we recorded 4 full songs with Chinners and 1 more sans vocals. Chinn mastered them and now they are sitting on Sean's computer, which is right next to his collection of She-Ra Princess of Power action figures.

We may record a few more songs this summer and eventually release an LP.  We may stop here and make it an EP.  We might get in a giant fist fight on stage at tomorrow night's happy hour show, break up and never release them to the public (because odd shit always goes down when we play Rumba - pants splitting, chicken nugget USA chants, etc).

Regardless, we posted one of the songs, which is actually the baby of the batch, called Cardinal Codes.

DOWNLOAD THAT HOT SHIT and come to our Rumba show on Friday.  Good times, indeed, good times.

Friends of the Bear,

Before summer poops in your Rice Chex with family reunions and Ricky's youth soccer league, take advantage of the moderate weather and your unexpected free time:

Happy Hour Show this Friday
Rumba Room, Columbus
Bicentennial Bear + The Moving Parts
Music at 6:30 sharp - done by 9.

You wanted early rock shows, and the Bear has delivered.  You'll be home in time to watch that show where Jennifer Love Hewitt talks to zombie milk maids.


http://www.columbusrumbacafe.com (2507 Summit St. 43202)
Saturday at Ravari Room
According to the infallible codes of King James verse and numerous hints provided by Princess Diana's grand sextile hexagon-shaped astrological pattern, an asteroid the size of Rhode Island will strike one of the Great Lakes on Sunday morning. 

On Saturday, survival instructions will be delivered by the four horsemen of the apocalypse, злото царици.  If you can't make it to the show, you are most likely screwed.  Unless you have the Star Wars Christmas Record, in which case you can listen to, in reverse, "What Can You Get a Wookie for Christmas (When He Already Owns a Comb?)" for directions to the designated shelter nearest you.

Saturday, March 6
Ravari Room
10:30 PM, in this order:

Bicentennial Bear
Josh Kayser + The Razors
The Evil Queens

So here it is, Reggie, the news you've been waiting for: your furry friend has started recording a proper album. 

Last Saturday, whilst exhausted and somewhat hungover from the previous night's show, we entered Central City Studio with Jon Chinn.  In a short day's work, we managed to track everything for 5 songs, sans vocals.  Leah and I will be heading back in early March to lay down some words and melodies and shit.

As we await the major label bidding war to erupt (we figure we'll either sign with Casablanca or CBS), we still plan on playing some shows in town.  We figure that it's pointless to start touring before the suits buy us an RV from Tom Raper in Richmond, Indiana.  And holy crapoli do we have a doozy of a show lined up on March 6:  EVIL QUEENZ OMGOMGOMG.  TWEET IT TO THE INTERNETZ AND BEYOND.

Yep.  The Queens are back and have invited us and Josh Kayser and The Razors to join them.  We play FIRST.  10:30-ish.  This might be the last time you see us in such a small setting as there are serious talks for us to tour with Foghat this summer.  EAT IT.

Bicentennial Bear at the Treehouse on Saturday
Your friends in Bicentennial Bear are playing at the Treehouse on Saturdee.  Come shake off the holiday rust with a healthy scoop of loud.

If you haven't seen the Bear with Leah Wahlin, our new viola player and singer, you're missing out.  Friends have labeled the addition of Leah as "the musical equivalent of when people started adding Jolly Ranchers to their Zima."  Originally, Bicentennial Bear was crisp, clear and refreshing.  Now they are even sweeter, and bad for your teeth as well.

We're also playing with the furry dudes in SPD GVNR.  They play the rock like they keep their beards: unruly.  This is their first show since Justin had Tommy John surgery, and since the band recorded an EP with Steve Albini.  If you don't know who Tommy John and Steve Albini are, it's time you put down the Zima and jump on Netscape.

Finally, Chris Bair has a new project called Bronson Bunny Deathwish.  No, I didn't make that name up.  It's kinda goofy, right?  But what isn't goofy is how monstrous their sound is.  They are a three piece rock machine, channeling Dinosaur Jr and a little bit of Bair's other band, Silo The Huskie.  It's really good stuff. 

Paste the concise details into your palm pilot:
Saturday, Jan 9 at the Treehouse
Music at 10:30


Word to your snow monsters.
I just got home from a great practice with the Bi Bears.  So I felt inspired to write a note of thanks to everyone who came to shows or showed some interest in our new project in 2009.  Things moved a little bit slower than we anticipated during the second half of the year.  But over the last few weeks, we've really turned the corner and we're starting to write some solid stuff.  I can't wait for 2010.

Be careful on the icy streets and have a safe and warm holiday.  See you at the Treehouse on January 9.
Let's send the motherf*cking aughts out with a bang.
Friends of the Bear,

We've been slacking on the updates.  Sorry.  We've been busy in Ray Ray's Mystery Garage, working on our stage moves and breaking in our new viola player.

Actually, the viola part is true.  Come welcome our friend Leah to the band.  It's her first show with us, and our last show of the decade.  Let's send the motherf*cking aughts out with a bang.  Right?  Bloody well right.

Friday, November 20
Ravari Room, Columbus
with EARWIG & THE SAFES (Chicago)

Earwig will probably be playing songs from their almost finished, new record.  You know the hooks will be sweeter than Swedish Fish.

The Safes are a power pop band from Chicago
ran by three dudes with O'Malley on the back of their jerseys.  Ravari better stock up on the Jameson.  Here's what Bitchfork had to say about The Safes: "They do nothing you haven't heard before, and they do it better than most."  Rock and Roll.

Bicentennial Bear plays first at 10:30-ish: hookier and louder than you remember.

- billy, sean, scott, adam & leah

OH Yeahhhhhh!
Don't you forget about us.
Hello Freakshows,

Long time, no talky.  That's our bad. 

We had a fantastic practice last night, so I felt inspired to check in and post some golden news.

We have a new band member.  Her name is Leah Wahlin and she's a fantastic viola player and singer that Sean and I also happen to work with.  We've only had 8 or 9 practices with her, but it sounds quite fantastic.

We're re-vamping some old songs and writing a bunch of new ones, with plans to start booking shows and recording sessions in early '10. 

That's all I got.
You'll be a real ding dong...
Bicentennial Bear - August 1, 2009 - The Summit - Columbus, Ohio
Our only proper show of the summer: Saturday, August 1, 2009 at The Summit with Jon Chinn + 1803 and Ghost Shirt.

You'd be a real ding dong to miss this one.  Seriously.
Volatility Today

Due to a family emergency, the band isn't playing Volatility today. 

However, at 2:00 PM, I am gonna play a solo set of Bi Bear songs, maybe some older stuff and possibly a Whitesnake cover.  That's right, the snake. 

Regardless of my ridiculousness, try to make it down to the show to catch some of the other amazing bands and support Madlab.

Asobi Seksu w/ BiBear in Columbus
Last minute show: We're opening for Asobi Seksu THIS Monday, May 11 at Skully's in Columbus. The show is at 8pm and we hit the stage at 9pm sharp.
Hi friends,

Spring has sprung its little yellow wiener of hope on our fair, midwestern burg.  Come celebrate with some rock and cheap libations.  Early style.  Happy Hour is here.

Friday, April 17 - EARLY SHOW
Doors at 6 PM.
Bush League All Stars at 7 PM sharp.
Bicentennial Bear at 8 PM sharp.

2507 Summit St
Columbus, OH

This is our last scheduled show of the near future.  We plan to lock ourselves up for a bit to start writing another batch of songs and to also start recording.  So come say "hey."

- BillyAdamSean&Scott
Saturday Night at the Treehouse
Dear Spring Tulip,

Come to the Treehouse on Saturday night, March 28.  We have a fantastic show lined-up for your absolute A/V pleasure.


Brand new project from Justin Hemminger (Treysuno, The Kyle Sowashes).  Monstrous 3-piece.  RIYL the 90's, DC-style.

East Coast Hot Shots.  Come see if the hype is warranted.

Columbus a$$holes


Adam, Billy, Scott & Sean
Bicentennial Bear, Bookmobile & The Bygones
Hello partners,

We promise this will be the last transmission for at least a month.  After Saturday's show, we are going back to the cave to write more songs, fix up the current numbers and start recording demos.  But speaking of Saturday's show, it's gonna be a hot mess:

Bicentennial Bear, Bookmobile & The Bygones
Saturday, Feb 21  |  Ravari Room 2657 N. High St
Music starts at 10:30, in said order

If you are really bored, check out our Facebook and Myspace pages.  They are still pretty lonely, especially since we had to lay off our band intern Reggie. Times are tough, but rock will light the path to awesometown. Ask the bengal tiger.
February 21st - Ravari Room

Thanks to those of you that made it out to our debut show last week. Thanks to the Moving Parts for letting us sweat out the rock. The Treehouse is our truest love.

We have a hot-freak rockfest scheduled for Saturday, February 21 at Ravari: Bi Bear, Bookmobile and The Bygones. We play early at 10:30 SHARRRRRRP. So come grab some pizza pie next door, sit your two-timing self down with your two lovers (gin & tonic) and make a night of it. Oh yeah, bring earplugs. SRSLY.

We are still plugging away at refining the existing songs and plan to plug in another newby for next Saturday. Hopefully some recording time will be scheduled soon, as well. Oh yes, this is all very exciting.

You may be visiting because you heard that a few of your friends have a new band. You may be on the hunt for musket toting teddybears (to put on the knick-knack bureau next to your Carter/Mondale commemorative plate). Whichever the case may be, welcome to the new site!

We are indeed a Columbus rock band. Our first practice was about six weeks ago and we are playing our maiden show at the Treehouse on Friday, Feb 6 with our old friends in The Moving Parts. Itís their EP/Single release party. We play at 10.

Scott Haynes, who played drums for the first five years of Miranda Sound is the motor. Our great friend Adam Dowell, who moonlights in the Celebrity Pilots and The Moving Parts, is playing bass. Sean has moved over to guitar and Iím singing and playing the guitar as well. So even though itís a bunch of familiar faces and old friends, the new roles are keeping it novel and weíre writing some handsome songs. Weíre surprising each other Ė itís fast and loud, and hopefully hooky and somewhat smart.

Itís definitely a work in progress, and after playing in a well-oiled machine for ten years, writing a new set from scratch is unnerving (in a good way).

The site will obviously evolve as the band does. After we get a show or two under our belt, we plan on throwing up some demos. But in the meantime, you have to come see us play live. Right? Right. And who knows, this time around, we might take requests. Even Kevinís.

Thanks for stopping by. Seriously. We missed this and we missed you.